Travel Etiquette : Equatorial Guinea [The Romantic Movement]

We’re currently in Equatorial Guinea which is a Spanish speaking country in Africa, usually Travis and myself have the pleasure of traveling about by ourselves, but this time we’re out here with “The Romantic Movement” which for some of you that are unaware, is an artstic collective of friends based in New York City.

We’ve been here for the past 3 days taking in the culture and having an amazing time doing it. We have talked about how surreal it is to be here in Africa in general, as we were contacted to perform and speak on a panel here in Malabo, Equatorial via the Passport Project.

Thank you

Hope you guys enjoy the images.

Please FOLLOW ZULU GURU to track the remainder of our trip here in Africa w/ contributions from everyone in the clan.

  • Jesse Boykins III
  • Moruf
  • Mara Hruby
  • Trae Harris
  • MeLo-X
  • Travis Gumbs
  • Joshua Kissi
  • Dr.Woo
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